Dgcustomerfirst controls the customer satisfaction survey of Dollar General Store. Through these surveys, customers and the company both greatly benefit. Just by visiting the official website of Dgcustomerfirst, you can access the website and easily participate in the survey.

More Info About Dgcustomerfirst

  • Through the portal of Dgcustomerfirst, the customers can participate in a survey and tell in detail about their experience at the stores. 
  • The Dgcustomerfirst is the platform of Dollar General Store, which aims to gather information on the level of contentment that the consumers have with the services provided by the Dollar General Store.
  • The survey on Dgcustomerfirst has been specifically designed to know the level of happiness consumers have from the management. 
  • Further, in the survey, the consumers get candid, and then the officials from the company use this feedback from the customers to improve their facilities.

The Process of Survey in Dgcustomerfirst

Through the virtual platform of Dgcustomerfirst, you can tell about the kind of experience you had at Dgcustomerfirst in full detail. And to participate, you can follow the below-given steps in a sequence:

  • Visit the official website of Dgcustomerfirst
  • Now, log in to the portal to start the survey.
  • Ensure you have your Dollar General Store receipt with you as you will have to enter some information along with the Unique Survey Code to complete the survey on Dgcustomerfirst.

Being a customer at Dollar General Store, it provides services when you visit its store and tries to improve its services. And for this, they have the platform of Dgcustomerfirst, through which they conduct surveys measuring the satisfaction levels of their customers. 

Advantages of Using Dgcustomerfirst

A few of its benefits have been stated below:

1- Provide your feedback

When the customers participate in the survey conducted by the Dollar General Store on Dgcustomerfirst, they get a chance to give suggestions to the officials at Dollar General.

2-Get better services in future

Once you provide your feedback on Dollar General, the company can further try to implement it and improve its services. Hence, your opinion or suggestions are essential for the company, and it holds an integral value.

3-Win cash prizes worth $100

Once you complete the survey on Dgcustomerfirst, you become eligible to step into the sweepstakes. Hence, you can also win $100, equal to the Dollar General gift card.


How to begin with the Customer Satisfaction survey of Dollar General Store?

  • You can visit the official website. 
  • And then, to begin with, the survey of Dollar General, you will have to enter some details that will be present on your receipt. 
  • Make sure the receipt you are using is one you have gotten from the last visit you made at Dollar General Store. 
  • The information you must add includes the store number, the time of your previous visit (as it is on the receipt), and the survey code, which would be 15 digits. 
  • All of this information will be there on the Dollar General receipt. You need to check and enter these details as written.

Can I stay informed of all the new information or things that happen at Dollar General? How can I do that? 

  • Though today is the age of technology, it becomes difficult to be away from any new happening.
  • Further, you can also stay updated about everything through social media. 
  • Various platforms such as Twitter and Facebook can help to know about all the latest happenings about the Dollar General Store. 
  • To always connect with Dollar General Store, you can follow Dollar General on its official Twitter handle, i.e., @DollarGeneral. 
  • And then, you will get all the latest news and information regarding Dollar General via Twitter.

What is the maximum amount of Dollar General Survey, a single person can attempt?

  • This is a question that most customers ask. So, if you are also confused, then don’t worry. 
  • A single participant can only participate once a week in the survey. Also, the people who have won the exciting prizes of a $100 Dgcustomerfirst gift card are announced once every week.
  • Also, note that you can be something other than a Dollar General Store customer to participate in the survey. 
  • The noncustomers can also participate in the survey if they want to. 

How can I connect with Dollar General’s headquarters, as my issues have yet to be resolved within the given time?

You don’t have to worry if your issue has yet to be resolved within the given period. All you are required to do is place a call at (615) 855-4000 and then tell about your problem with the help of Dgcustomerfirst’s customer care telephonically. Or you can also go to the headquarters directly, which are situated at 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States-37072. So you can get your query resolved.

What is the process to complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey of Dollar General Store?

You complete your Customer Satisfaction Survey of Dollar General Store easily. 

  • But for that, firstly, you will have to visit the official website of Dgcustomerfirst
  • The customer satisfaction survey of Dollar General Store is generally a few questions regarding the shopping experience you have had in the Dollar Store. 
  • And for that, the only thing you need to do is provide the most honest and true answers there in the survey. 
  • Your opinion and candid answers would further allow the management to start improving them to provide better services to you. 
  • Therefore, you can sit back and answer the questions per your preferences.


Dgcustomerfirst is an integral part of the Dollar General Store. This multi-store was located in the United States of America originally. Through the Dgcustomerfirst portal, the Dollar General Store tries to know whether its customers are satisfied with the services they provide or not. You can visit the official website of Dgcustomerfirst just by visiting this link.

Through this survey, the Dollar General Store aims to get candid and true feedback and suggestions from the loyal customers of Dollar General Store. Therefore, if you have visited any of their outlets to shop for something, you can participate in the survey and give suggestions to the company through Dgcustomerfirst

This will be an add-on advantage for you as you can share your views with the company’s management and tell them about anything that concerns you. Through this, the company also gets an opportunity to mend their ways and provide you with better services. Therefore, the surveys are beneficial for both the customers and the company. So visit the official website and share your recent experience at the Dollar General Store.