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Dgcustomerfirst is an online platform that surveys customers who might have visited a Dollar General Store recently. They can express their true and candid feelings about the experience they had at the store.

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The Dollar General Store is one of the widely known retail companies in the United States of America, which is similar to Walmart only. Dollar General Store is truly concentrating on lowering the cost of name-brand merchandise. They are trying to do this to give discounts on the name brands.


  • The main objective of the Dollar General Store is to reach all those smaller towns that even Walmart can’t reach there. 
  • Therefore, you can locate Dollar General Stores in rural areas, and in many shopping centers you will visit. 
  • At a very basic level, it aims to become a substitute for the customers. 
  • They want to provide customers with good quality products at a discounted price.

How To Get In Touch

  • Dollar General Store’s headquarters are located in Tennessee. 
  • You may get in touch with the company by placing a call or getting in touch with them with the help of their social media, or you can also get in touch with them by writing to their corporate office. 
  • And it is also very easy to connect them with social media as they are quite active there. 

Know More About Customer Support of Dgcustomerfirst


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You can also easily get in touch with the Dollar General Store customer support team in case of any problem you are facing through these details:

  • Address: You can write a letter with your letters to the headquarters of Dollar General at Dollar General Headquarters 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville, TN, 37072.
  • Email: You may also contact them for printed details about the company’s money. Not only this, but this email can also be used to get in touch with the company for other purposes also. In spite, you can visit their social media handles and try connecting with the Corporate team, as it Is a much easier process.
  • Website: You can visit the official website anytime to learn more about the corporate headquarters. This website contains all the detailed information regarding the shareholders of the business.
  • Phone number: you can also call directly at 1-615-855-4000.

Dgcustomerfirst is an online survey through which the Dollar General Store tries to collect data regarding the satisfaction levels that the consumers have from the stores.

Benefits of Dgcustomerfirst 

There are several advantages that the customers of Dollar General Store get through the Dgcustomerfirst portal. And some of them are given below:

1- Know about the problems customers are facing 

Through the Dgcustomerfirst survey, the management learns about the shortcomings the customers might face on one end, which is one of the best facilities. Then, they try to improve it further.

2- Connecting with the customers

Through the portal of Dgcustomerfirst, the customers can contact the management officials and talk candidly about their store experience.

3- Win $100 prizes

The participants of Dgcustomerfirst can avail of up to $100 rewards on a Dollar General gift card just by participating in the survey. Moreover, being a customer at Dollar General to participate in the survey is optional.


What are the ways through which I can get in touch with Dollar General?

There are several ways with which you can get in touch with Dollar General, and they are stated below:

  • Website: You can visit the official website.
  • Phone number: you can dial 1-615-855-4000.
  • Social media platforms: You can also connect with their corporate team on various social media handles.
  • Address: You can also post letters at this address, i.e., Dollar General Headquarters 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville, TN, 37072.

Can I participate in the Dgcustomerfirst survey if I have yet to shop from the Store?

Yes, you can participate in the survey of Dgcustomerfirst whether you are a customer at Dollar General Store or not. 

Can I use an old receipt to participate in the survey on Dgcustomerfirst?

No, you must participate with the receipt you received on your last visit from Dollar General.

When can I place a call at Dgcustomerfirst’s customer care number?

You can call anytime you want help as it is available 24 by 7 in different time zones. 


Dgcustomerfirst is the platform through which you can attempt surveys regarding your experiences at the Store and get better services. You can also connect with Dgcustomerfirst’s services anytime you feel like it, as it actively provides solutions to customers facing problems.