Dgcustomerfirst collects information about the satisfaction that a customer has from Dollar General Store. Dgcustomerfirst is fundamentally a survey that measures the contentment of the customers. Through the platform of Dgcustomerfirst, the customers can tell about their real experiences with the Dollar General Store. The employees from the company would gather this data, including your views and opinions, and then will bring a change in their services according to the feedback that the customers have given.

Features of Dgcustomerfirst

  • Customer satisfaction is necessary, and surveys are becoming immensely popular in the current scenario to measure it. 
  • Through surveys, the measurement of services level can be calculated. 
  • In layman’s language, with the help of this kind of survey, the organization and the service providers get a fair idea of whether their customers are satisfied with the services being provided to them or not.
  • Dollar General Stores has organized the Sweepstakes Program with the Dgcustomerfirst survey.


  • And truly, it is one of the best opportunities for consumers to gain prizes in return for completing a very simple survey on customer satisfaction. 
  • The main reason to do this kind of survey is honestly to know about the views of the public, including both negative and positive, related to the facilities the organization provides to its customers.
  • The Dollar General Store also likes the amenities and things you can get at Walmart. It is an American multi-purpose store. 
  • The only thing that differentiates them is that Walmart doesn’t provide its services in rural areas. 
  • And to its opposite, Dollar General Store is currently focusing on the areas so that they can connect with audiences at a wider scale of the products and the services they provide.
  • Moreover, the Dollar General Store is one of the best places that you can find to buy your daily goods in the whole United States of America.
  • One of the advantageous things about the Dollar General Store is that you will get the products here at a much lower cost than the other leading multi-stores, including Walmart and Kroger.
  • This is also one of the reasons the employees at Dollar General Store want to collect the views and opinions of consumers nationwide. 
  • And due to the digital platform called Dgcustomerfirst has been developed. To measure customer satisfaction, Dgcustomerfirst is used by the company. 

How To Complete the Survey in Dgcustomerfirst

To complete this survey offered by the Dollar General Survey, Dgcustomerfirst, you must know some essential rules. And to know about these rules, you can read them here:

  • To begin with the survey, the Dgcustomerfirst, make sure that you have the receipt that you have received from the Dollar General Store, which also has a unique survey code with the year on it.
  • Also, one more essential condition is that you should necessarily be a legal resident or United States of America member to participate in the Survey.
  • The participants taking part in the survey must be 18 years or above.
  • To complete the survey, it is very common to need an electronic device like your laptop, desktop, or smartphone. 
  • Also, to complete the survey smoothly, you will require a stable and good internet connection.
  • The customers participating in the Dgcustomerfirst survey must have basic information regarding the device used to log in to the official website.
  • The user must also know about typing and reading in English or Spanish. Also, the customer must know they can take this survey in either English or Spanish.

Advantages of Using Dgcustomerfirst

This platform allows customers to express their views and opinions about the services they get on Dgcustomerfirst, which is one of this platform’s major advantages. There are several advantages given below:

1-Customer is a priority

For Dgcustomerfirst customer is the top priority, and there is nothing more important than the customers. Therefore, the management teams learn more about the customer’s views with this survey. 

2- Addressing Customer’s problems

Through the Dgcustomerfirst portal, the management team tries to gather customers’ input. The process doesn’t only end here, but the management will also address it.

3- Customer’s Happiness matter

The new Dollar General Stores are inaugurated with a yellow and black theme. They believe that the customers should undertake a Dgcustomerfirst happiness survey to increase the satisfaction levels of the customers at your business and provide you with the best existing possible services.

4- Get rewards upto $100

Customers who participate in this survey can win up to $100 in cash prizes. Not only this, but the participants can also enter the Dollar General Cash $100 Sweepstakes once they are done with the survey.


How many times can I participate in the survey individually?

Customers often ponder on the number of surveys in which individuals can participate. So, to clear up the confusion, here’s the answer. 

A single person can participate in the survey one time in a week. And also, once a week, the exciting winners of the $100, i.e., Dgcustomerfirst gift card, will be announced. 

Also, note that not only the consumers of the Dollar General Store but the non-customers can also be a part of this survey with little effort.

How can we give the answers required to complete the Dollar General Survey?

A survey, in general, has a series of questions and answers. And for companies or organizations, there might be some questions regarding the company’s services. The consumer participating in the survey must answer all the questions honestly. 

Moreover, the question you have to answer on Dgcustomerfirst is very simple and to the point. Hence, you need not worry while answering the questions asked of you. For example, the following questions might be asked of you in a survey conducted by Dgcustomerfirst:

  • You can be asked about your overall satisfaction when you visited the Dollar General Store last time.
  • You can be asked how the store was maintained during your visit. 
  • You can also be questioned about the services provided to you and the friendliness of the employees at the Dollar General Store.
  • You can also be asked about the product quality you might have bought from the store.
  • And in the end, you will be asked about the company’s infrastructure.

Is the Sweepstakes Program of Dollar General for the associates?

No, it is to be noted that the survey of Dgcustomerfirst is not for the associates. And also, there are no coupons attached to the Dollar General Survey. 

There are many perks for the participants who win the Sweepstakes Program of Dollar General. The participation may depend on the number of eligible entries submitted during every entry period. However, the most exciting thing is that some of you will get access to win a $100 gift card through this survey.  

What are the things that should be kept in mind before we begin with the survey in Dgcustomerfirst?

  • Firstly, remember that you have collected your receipt from the Dollar General Store. Also, so check that it has a unique survey code present on it also the year.
  • Secondly, as a participant, you should be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • Your age should be 18 years or above.
  • You must have a suitable electronic device to complete the process.
  • Also, the internet connection you will use should be active so that you can handle it.


The customers of Dollar General Store provide an interesting and unique opportunity to its customers through the Dgcustomerfirst portal. As a result, customers get various advantages at Dollar General Stores. And through this survey, too, the customers get many perks. Through their opinion, they can assist the company in improving and getting an exclusive chance to win various exciting prizes shortly.

In a true sense, the customers and the Dollar General Store get an edge by getting honest views of their services. Through the Dgcustomerfirst survey’s results, they can easily learn about the difficulties existing customers might face and then improve and work on them finely to attract future customers. 

Everyone knows that word of mouth is an essential tool for a business. Hence, opportunities provided through platforms like Dgcustomerfirst can significantly impact the company’s reputation. And further strengthen the goodwill of the company along with its service provider all over the world.